Thermophore Classic Medium 14 x14 Moist Heating Pad

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The built-in hand-held switch guarantees you will get penetrating moist heat as long as you want it while you depress the switch. The safety factor in this is simple but it works! Great localized heat, right where you want it.

Consumer Notice: This model requires the user to hold the switch down in order for the heating pad to operate. - Hold the button down to start the moist heat. Let go and it turns off.

Designed for smaller areas such as a shoulder, knee or part of the abdomen. Also great for the back or hip of some of our smaller, more petite users, and many customers prefer this size to take along when they travel.


  • Size: 14 inches x 14 inches
  • Press & Hold Switch allows user to control heat intensity
  • Auto shut off after 25 minutes
  • Electric Cord Length: 10 feet
  • Moist Heat Therapy for Back, Hips, Neck, Knees & more.
  • Max temp: The pads cans run between 150 to 165 degrees Farhenhiet.

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