Thermoskin Knee Wrap open Stabilizer, 4X-Large

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The Thermoskin Open Knee Wrap Stabilizer provides strong knee support with an open-wrap design for easy application. It offers compression and stability for a variety of knee-related ailments and injuries, making it perfect for larger knees.

  • Featuring a wrap design with a Velcro closure and an open patella, it ensures comfort, especially for tenderness or bruising on the kneecap.
  • Incorporating a full-length anterior opening with a popliteal cut-out, it enables unrestricted knee flexion.
  • Side spirals provide additional support for stability.
  • This design captures body heat, promoting increased blood flow.
  • It allows the skin to ventilate and release moisture, enhancing comfort during extended wear.
  • Measurement should be taken slightly bent underneath the kneecap.


  • Brand: Thermoskin
  • Color: Beige
  • Size: 4X-Large
  • Knee Circumference: 19.5 - 21 inches