Vive Health Thigh High Compression Stockings, Large, Beige

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fooProviding all-day comfort, our TruCompress thigh-high compression stockings are perfect for travel, pregnancy, and post-operative care. The opaque compression stockings provide moderate compression to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, effectively relieving soreness, fatigue, swelling, and inflammation. Great for those who remain seated for long periods and those on their feet all day, the soft therapeutic stockings feature thigh-high nonslip cuffs, structured heels, and wide toe boxes for greater comfort. The breathable nylon blend gently stretches for greater ease when pulling them.


  • Soothing Compression Support
    Designed for optimal comfort and support, our TruCompress thigh-high compression stockings soothe tired, aching legs while improving circulation and mobility throughout the day. The compression socks are great for traveling, pregnancy, and for those with minor varicose veins, spider veins, or mild edema, reducing swelling, inflammation, soreness, and fatigue. 

  • Moderate Compression Therapy
    Providing moderate 15-20 mmHg compression, the thigh-high medical compression stockings are ideal for those on their feet all day such as teachers and nurses. Also useful for athletes and sports enthusiasts, the compression socks reduce cramping and fatigue with soothing warmth to aid in muscle recovery. 

  • Nonslip Thigh-High Design
    Creating a comfortable, tug-free wearing experience, the thigh-high compression stockings feature a structured cuff lined with soft silicone dots to prevent sliding and bunching. The stockings also are made with fitted heels and wide toe boxes with multidirectional stretch to provide a flexible fit for both men and women.   

  • Breathable Easy Care Blend
    Made with a lightweight nylon blend, the TruCompress compression stockings are soft and breathable for exceptional, all-day comfort. The opaque compression stockings are form-fitting for comfortably wearing in any athletic, dress, or casual shoe.

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