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Tong Wiping Aid Helpful to those with limited mobility or back pain and the elderly, the Vive tong wiping aid makes independently cleaning oneself after using the bathroom easily. The lightweight, self-wiping tongs are coated with silicone to securely hold toilet tissue and flushable wipes at the perfect angle for a thorough cleaning. Measuring 15.78”, the stainless steel wiping tongs provide a generous amount of reach for comfortable use by individuals of all sizes.

  • SELF-CLEANING MADE EASY: Designed to provide a comfortable reach and easy cleaning, the Vive tong wiping aid allows those with limited mobility to independently clean themselves after trips to the bathroom. The long 15.78” wiping tongs eliminate the need to bend and twist while maintaining good personal hygiene.
  • USE WITH TOILET PAPER OR WIPES: Coated with silicone for a secure grip, the self-wiping tongs are suitable for use with both toilet paper or flushable wipes. The tongs can also be used to hold body wipes, thin washcloths or loofah sponges for cleaning hard-to-reach areas while bathing.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ANGLED DESIGN: Exceptionally lightweight, the self-wiping aid is angled for precise, comfortable cleaning. The toilet paper tongs are designed for single-handed use from the front or back as needed.
  • STRONG STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed with a strong, yet lightweight stainless steel, the Vive tongs wiping aid is sturdy for daily use. The self-wiping tongs are also easy to clean with hot water and soap or disinfectant solution. 
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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