Dynarex Triangular Bandage, Individually Wrapped, Non-Sterile, Cotton, Pack of 12

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Dynarex Triangular Bandage is a versatile first-aid essential, ideal for emergency situations. This multi-purpose bandage can be used as a sling to support injured limbs, a dressing to cover wounds, or a makeshift tourniquet to control severe bleeding. Made from durable material, it's indispensable for your home, workplace, or outdoor adventures. 


  • Versatile: Functions as a sling, wound dressing, bandage, or tourniquet
  • Adaptable: Large triangular shape can be folded and configured for various applications
  • Essential: A staple for first-aid kits at home, work, or in travel settings
  • Bulk Pack: Box of 12 ensures you have enough on hand for multiple emergencies


  • Brand: Dynarex
  • Sterility: Sterile or Non-sterile