Vive Health Trigger Finger Splint Brace, Palm Strap, Rigid Aluminum, Any Finger

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Effectively relieving discomfort and stiffness due to stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger, the Vive trigger finger splint immobilizes the finger joint with a rigid aluminum splint wrapped in a soft, breathable material. The splint is adjustable and easy to secure with a removable palm strap and an upper finger strap. Designed to fit any finger, the splint is made with a soft, nonslip neoprene that is breathable and lightweight for greater comfort throughout the day.


  • Superior Comfort Compared To Competitors
    Providing all-day comfort, the trigger finger support is constructed with a soft, latex-free neoprene blend with a soft fabric D-ring for adjustability. The breathable material also includes a nonslip lining to prevent sliding and bunching.

  • Wear On Any Finger Or Thumb
    Designed for use on the pinky, ring, middle, and index finger or on the thumb, the Vive trigger finger splint provides stabilizing support on the left or right hand as needed. The versatile splint features an adjustable strap to fit any finger up to 4” in circumference and a second palm strap that adjusts up to 12” in circumference. 
  • Optimal Trigger Finger Support
    Reducing stiffness, the durable finger splint relieves stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger. The trigger finger sprint prevents the finger joint from locking up or catching and includes an stabilizing palm strap, allowing full use of the hand throughout the day to complete daily tasks. 
  • Stabilizing Aluminum Splint
    Lightweight and durable, the Vive trigger finger splint features an integrated aluminum splint. The rigid splint effectively immobilizes the finger joint to reduce pain and discomfort and promote natural healing. The versatile splint can also be used to support finger sprains, fractures, and minor injuries.
  • Vive Guarantee
    60-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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