TX Traction Unit

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The TX Traction Unit is a state-of-the-art traction system designed for ease of use and effectiveness. Featuring a user-friendly interface with a 270-degree pivoting capability, it boasts a digital monochromatic touch screen for intuitive operation. Patient Data Cards enable recording of up to 14 treatment sessions, while storing 10 user-defined protocols ensures personalized care. Offering both intermittent, static, and cyclic traction modes, it incorporates progressive and regressive steps for tailored therapy. Users can define hold, rest, and treatment times according to individual needs.

  • Easy operation for seamless usability.
  • 270-degree pivoting user interface for ergonomic control.
  • Digital monochromatic touch screen interface for intuitive navigation.
  • Progressive and regressive traction steps for tailored treatment.
  • Customizable hold, rest, and treatment times as per user preference.
  • Built-in safety features including a patient interrupt switch and cervical maximum poundage warning.
  • Audible signals at the end of treatment and upon activation of the patient interrupt switch ensure patient safety.


  • Product: TX Traction Unit
  • User Interface: Digital monochromatic touch screen
  • Treatment Session Storage: Up to 14 sessions per patient data card
  • Protocols Storage: Up to 10 user-defined protocols

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