Vive Health Vibrating Massage Ball, 3.5 Inches

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Effectively targeting sore, aching muscles, the Vive vibrating massage ball combines a textured massage surface, therapeutic vibrations and soothing heat to relieve pain, tension and fatigue. The vibrating massage ball features three intensity levels and an auto mode that varies the intensity and heat level throughout the 10-minute massage session for optimal relief. Perfect for self-massage at home or on the go, the latex-free massage ball is compact for easy portability and rechargeable for greater convenience.


  • Relieves Pain, Tension And Muscle Fatigue
Great for targeting sore muscles and joints, the vibrating massage ball provides deep tissue massage, releasing tension and relieving pain
  • Multiple Intensity Levels
Easily increase or decrease the vibration intensity to one of three levels for a customized massage experience
  • Auto Massage Mode
Features a preprogrammed massage mode that gradually increases, then decreases the intensity of heat and vibrations throughout the 10-minute session
  • Relaxing Heat
Soothing aching muscles, the massage ball provides gentle heat to promote circulation and ease tension
  • Textured Silicone Exterior
Dotted with massage nodes, the vibrating massage ball stretches the muscles, releasing knots, tension and trigger points for effective release
  • Rechargeable  Design

Fitted with a long-lasting lithium battery, the massage ball can be quickly recharged with the included charging cable for on-the-go use