Vive Health 8 Mode TENS Replacement Electrodes, White

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The Vive Health 8 Mode TENS Replacement Electrodes are designed to revitalize your TENS therapy experience. These meticulously crafted electrodes ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance with your TENS device. Choose from eight unique modes to personalize your therapy and target specific pain points. Each electrode boasts superior conductivity and long-lasting adhesive properties for reliable, effective pain relief. Don't let worn-out electrodes compromise your TENS therapy to upgrade today!


  • Seamless Compatibility: Designed for optimal performance with your TENS device.
  • Personalized Therapy: Eight unique modes to target specific pain areas and discomfort levels.
  • Superior Conductivity: Ensures effective pain relief by efficiently transmitting electrical signals.
  • LongtoLasting Adhesive: Provides reliable application and extended use.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Color: White
  • What’s Included: Rectangular (2 x 4 Inches) 2pc, Circle (2 Inches) 2pc, Square (2 x 2 Inches) 4pc
  • Latex free: Yes