Vive Health Easy Twist Lancets

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ViveHealth Easy Twist Lancets are designed for comfortable and convenient blood sampling, particularly for diabetics managing their blood sugar. Featuring a twisting mechanism for easy activation, they eliminate the need for complex lancing devices. These sterile, single-use lancets are typically made with a fine tri-bevel tip for a virtually painless experience and come in various gauges to suit individual preferences for comfort. Easy-Twist Lancets are compatible with most blood glucose monitoring systems, offering a versatile and user-friendly solution for blood sampling.


  • Precision-Engineered For Minimal Discomfort: The Vive Easy-Twist Lancets are meticulously designed with a tri-beveled tip, featuring three precisely angled edges to ensure an exceptionally sharp point for reduced pain upon penetration. This advanced design minimizes tissue damage, facilitating a smoother puncture and quicker healing process, all while ensuring maximum comfort during blood glucose testing.
  • Simplified Usage With Twist-Off Cap: Engineered for ease and safety, the Vive Easy-Twist Lancets incorporate a user-friendly twist-off cap that prevents accidental deployment, making it perfectly suited for on-the-go usage in your bag or purse. This design feature not only simplifies the preparation process but also maintains the sterility of the lancet tip, promoting optimal hygiene and convenience.
  • Sterilization With Gamma Radiation For Enhanced Safety: To ensure the highest safety standards, each Vive Easy-Twist Lancet undergoes gamma sterilization. This process thoroughly eliminates harmful pathogens, thereby extending the product's shelf life, without affecting its performance. This sterilization method guarantees that each lancet is safe for use, giving you peace of mind with every test.
  • Broad Compatibility With Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems: Vive Easy-Twist Lancets are universally designed to fit more lancing devices available on the market, allowing you the flexibility to select the blood glucose monitoring system that best suits your personal health needs. Each package provides a generous supply of 300 lancets, divided into three bags of 100 each, to ensure you have a durable and portable way to manage your diabetes.
  • Packaged For Convenience And Longevity: As part of our commitment to convenience and quality, the Vive Easy-Twist Lancets are thoughtfully packaged in quantities that support long-term use. This packaging not only makes storage and transport easier but also ensures you have a reliable supply on hand.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: One size
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Dimenstions: 31.7 mm long x 6.4 mm wide
  • Weight: 0.45g