Blue Jay Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector, Pediatric, Large Leg

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Blue Jay Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector Pediatric Leg helps to completely dry and protect during showers, baths, or even water play. Designed specifically for pediatric legs, it ensures a comfortable, watertight seal while remaining easy for kids to put on and take off independently. No more worries about moisture damage – this protector makes caring for a child's injury a breeze.


  • Reliable Waterproofing: Superior materials and construction guarantee no leaks, keeping the cast or bandages safe and dry.
  • Pediatric Comfort: Sized for larger children's legs, it provides a secure fit without being too tight or constricting.
  • Easy Application: Simple design lets kids manage the protector themselves, encouraging independence.
  • Durable & Reusable: Made with high-quality materials to withstand repeated use.


  • Brand: Blue Jay
  • Material: PVC, Silicone, Rubber
  • Size: Large