WaxWel Boot For Paraffin Wax Bath (Each), Men

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The WaxWel Boot for Paraffin Wax Bath is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the paraffin wax treatment experience. Made from durable materials, this boot provides a snug fit for the foot, ensuring optimal coverage and heat retention during the therapy session. Its innovative design allows for easy application and removal of paraffin wax, while also offering protection against spills and mess. With the WaxWel Boot, users can enjoy a soothing and therapeutic treatment for dry, cracked skin and tired muscles with added comfort and convenience.

  • For Spas or Homes: The professional-style wax warmer accessories for feet are ideal for personal home use or professional use at a beauty spa, nail salon, or physical therapy clinic.
  • High-Quality Design: The paraffin bath treatment covers help ensure a relaxing and comfortable paraffin wax session. Get the most of your heat therapy with the insulating booties.
  • Stay Stocked: Restock your foot covers for paraffin wax therapy with this wax bath accessory package with 6 washable terry booties. The wax warmer, paraffin, and liner bags are sold separately.
  • Easy to Use: Wear these foot booties over protective liners after your warm paraffin wax treatment. These terry booties help maintain heat to promote comfort and soothing relief during your session.
  • Comfortable Fit:These slip-on foot covers are designed to comfortably fit over your feet during warm wax treatments, providing a soothing thermotherapy experience. They efficiently trap moisture and heat, maximizing the effectiveness of your treatment session.


  • Brand: WaxWel
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 x 9 x 0.5 Inches
  • Men's Size : 13+ Inches