Vive Health Wrist Ice Wrap Replacement Pack, Hot/Cold Gel

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The Vive Ice Wraps are designed to perfectly fit the body and provide effective hot or cold therapy. They are made with a non-toxic gel that remains flexible even when frozen, allowing for maximum comfort during use. The wraps are constructed with durable, latex-free material to ensure long-lasting use. Whether recovering from an injury, dealing with sore muscles, or simply in need of some relaxation, the Ice Wrap Replacement Packs are your go-to solution. With their convenient size and easy-to-use design, they are perfect for home use, as well as for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those on the go.


  • Perfect fit
Sized to perfectly fit the Vive ice wraps as a replacement or extra set
  • Replacement Packs
Genuine Arctic Flex replacement cold packs to replace missing or damaged packs as needed
  • Flexible Non Toxic Gel
Non toxic, clay gel packs stay pliable when frozen for targeted relief
  • Soothing Hot Or Cold Therapy
Provides gentle warmth when heated or place in the freezer to provide cooling relief
  • Durable Construction
Reusable gel packs are made with a durable, latex-free composite material