Vive Health X-Bike Foldable Steel Frame, 5'2-6'2 Inches

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Compact for easy storage when not in use, the upright Vive X-bike is a space-saving, foldable design that is great for those with limited floor space. The upright stationary bike includes lower handlebars to promote proper spinal alignment while exercising.

Featuring textured pedals with adjustable foot straps, the Vive X-bike is a magnetic stationary bike with a three-piece crank system that produces a smooth and exceptionally quiet pedal motion both forward and backward. The x-bike also includes a tension knob to allow users to adjust the level of resistance during each session for a customizable workout.


  • Folding Design

Space-saving, x-frame upright bike easily folds for compact storage between workouts

  • Low Impact Cardio Exercise

Providing cardiovascular exercise, the upright X-bike is easy on the joints and supports proper posture to minimize strain and fatigue

  • Adjustable Tension

Featuring a smooth and quiet pedal motion, the resistance can be adjusted with the micro tension knob for customized workouts

  • Easy To Read Display

View time elapsed, estimated distance, calories burned, speed and RPM on the large, LCD screen

  • Cushioned Seating

Padded with a resilient foam, the cushioned seat and backrest are height adjustable to fit heights ranging between 5’2” to 6’2”

  • Padded Armrest

Framing the seat, the low handlebars are lined with soft foam for a comfortable, yet secure grip