How to Measure a Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat doesn't have to mean calling in the plumber. With just a few measurements and some decisions on shape, material, and hinge type, you can find the perfect fit yourself.

However, you should be able to measure a toilet seat. The MoovKart guide makes it easy, from measuring your toilet to choosing a soft, closed seat that fits snugly. Let’s get into explaining the right tips to measure your toilet seat. 

How to Measure a Toilet Seat? Step-by-Step Process

Measuring a toilet seat is the first step in finding the perfect replacement. It's like taking the toilet seat's measurements to ensure you get the right fit.

Here's how you can measure your toilet seat: 

1- Gather Your Materials

Before starting, ensure you have a measuring tape, a pen, and paper. 

2- Remove the Existing Seat (if applicable)

If there's already a seat on your toilet, start by lifting it. Some seats are attached with screws, while others have a quick-release mechanism. If it's screwed on, you will need a screwdriver to loosen the screws.

3- Measure the Width

Place one end of the measuring tape on the outer edge of the seat on one side and extend it to the opposite outer edge. Ensure the tape is straight across and not slanted. 

4- Measure the Length

Position the measuring tape at the front of the seat where you sit and extend it to the back. Again, ensure the tape is straight and aligned with the seat. 

5- Note the Shape

Look down at the toilet seat from above. Is it more rounded or elongated? It will help you determine the seat's shape, which is crucial when shopping for a replacement.

6- Check for Hinges

Look at the method used to attach the hinges to the toilet bowl. Are they bolted on or connected with screws? Knowing this detail will ensure you choose a replacement seat with compatible hinge attachments.

7- Consider Special Features

Decide if you want special features in your new seat, such as soft-closing lids or quick-release mechanisms.

8- Double-check the Measurements

Once you have all the measurements and preferences noted down, take a moment to double-check them for accuracy. Finding the appropriate replacement seat requires exact measurements.

9- Shop for a Replacement

With your measurements and preferences, start looking for a replacement seat. You can visit a hardware store or browse online for options that match your criteria.

10- Install the New Seat

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the new seat properly. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Clean the area: Spend a moment cleaning the toilet bowl and surrounding area to make sure there is no debris or residue there.
  • Position the new seat: Match the holes in the toilet bowl with the holes in the new seat. Ensure the seat is facing the right way - the lid should be at the back when closed.
  • Attach the new seat: Insert the bolts through the seat holes and into the corresponding holes on the toilet bowl. Then, secure the bolts with the nuts provided. Tighten them evenly to ensure the seat is stable.
  • Adjust if necessary: Once the seat is attached, ensure it's appropriately aligned and sits on the toilet bowl. You can adjust the position if needed before fully tightening the bolts.
  • Secure the hinges: If your new seat has covers for the hinges, snap them into place to cover the screws. 
  • Make final adjustments: If the seat feels loose, tighten the bolts. If it's too tight or misaligned, you may need to loosen the bolts slightly and readjust the position.

11- Test It Out

After installation, test the new seat to ensure it fits properly and functions as expected. Check for any instability or wobbling by sitting on it and raising and lowering the lid.

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People Also Ask!

What tools do I need to measure a toilet seat?

You need a measuring tape or ruler and a piece of paper to jot down the measurements.

Where do I measure on the toilet seat?

Measure the length from the front of the bowl to the center of the bolt holes and the width between the two bolt holes at the rear of the seat.

How do I measure the toilet seat correctly?

When choosing a replacement seat, make sure your measurements are accurate by taking two times and comparing them to the manufacturer's specifications.