How To Reset a Power Chair

Experiencing trouble with your power chair? Don't fret! Resetting it often fixes common issues and restores its functionality. So, This guide will walk you through the simple steps to reset your power chair, ensuring you can continue enjoying your mobility independence.

Please remember that these instructions might vary based on the brand and model of your power chair. So, try these steps if you're encountering difficulties with your power chair's performance.

8 Ways for Troubleshooting a Powered Wheelchair

Way 1: Accessing the Batteries.

Step 1: Charge the Batteries

Check the charging first. If low or dead, find the charging port, typically located at the rear of the joystick.

Plug the charging cord into the charging slot and connect it to an electricity supply.

Depending on your charger type, a light flash or a digital display will indicate that the charging process is underway.

Step 2: Turn Off the Power Chair

Start by turning off your power chair. You'll mostly find the on-off button on the joystick.

Step 3: Disconnect the Power Source

Proceed by unplugging your power chair from any power outlets. This will prevent electrical hazards and pave the way for a successful reset.

Step 4: Locate the Battery Compartment

Power chairs with removable batteries may require occasional resetting, especially when the batteries aren't holding a charge, or the chair seems to be losing power.

To reset your power chair, you'll need to access the batteries. Locate the battery cover, usually on the chair's underside.

It might be necessary to unscrew or unbolt certain parts to reach the battery compartment.

Step 5: Tighten the Terminals of The Batteries.

Typically, a power chair is equipped with two batteries, each possessing a capacity of 12 volts.

If both terminals of each battery are loose, make them tight. This will help the battery work its best.

Now, switch on the power chair and confirm if the chair is operating fine.

Step 6: Replacing the Batteries

If the issue persists despite tightening the battery terminals, consider replacing the battery. Alternatively, you could also seek professional repair for the existing one.

Replacing batteries in a power chair involves these steps.

  • Repeat Steps 2 To 4
  • Remove the Old Batteries: Carefully disconnect the old batteries. Remember to start with the negative (black) terminal before the positive (red).

There may be straps or clamps holding the batteries in place that you'll need to loosen or remove.

  • Install New Batteries: Place the new batteries in the compartment. Ensure they're the same type and voltage as the ones you're replacing.

Step 7: Reassemble the Chair:

Put back any parts you removed to access the battery compartment. Tighten all screws or bolts.

Step 8: Test the Power Chair

Now test your power chair to determine if it's functioning well. Please turn on the power chair and try moving it around.

If it operates smoothly without making any odd sounds, your problem is resolved.

However, you should continue with the repairs or approach experts if it still struggles to move.

Way 2: Consider Turning the Key Off and On Again.

Sometimes, people must unplug the charger before turning on their power chair. This can prevent it from moving even if it's fully charged.

Switch it off and then turn it back on to resolve this issue, ensuring it's no longer plugged in.

Way 3: Disengaging the Motor

To quickly troubleshoot a power chair, try disengaging the motors. This disconnects the braking system, allowing manual operation.

Switch off the motors by pulling the lever downwards, then turn them back on by lifting it upwards.

Finally, disengage again, as the brakes must be locked in motor operation.

Way 4: Use the Power Button to Reset.

Some quantum wheelchairs have a manual power or reset button.

You can reset your electric chair by pressing and holding this button for roughly 4 seconds. Let it fully shut down, then press the power button once more to restart it.

Way 5: Resetting Via Computer Interface

Another method involves connecting an access key to the joystick via a port. This key is then linked to a computer.

Within the system interface on the laptop, you can select the reset button to reset the power chair.

Way 6: Inspect the Tires

Your Jazzy power chair likely sees regular use, which can lead to tire wear, like blinking lights.

Consult your manual to determine when to replace them. But remember that excessive outdoor use or rough terrain might necessitate earlier replacement.

Regularly inspect your tires and replace them when necessary.

Way 7: Monitor Motor Temperature

If you notice your Jazzy chair running slower, check the chair's temperature. Overheating the electrical system can reduce power transmission to the motors.

Way 8: Seek Professional Assistance

If all the above methods fail to reset your power chair, it's time to contact a professional technician.

Often, they can guide you through troubleshooting steps over the phone, allowing you to perform the repair.


To summarize, if your power chair isn't functioning as expected, follow the reset instructions provided in this post.

Understanding and following these steps carefully is crucial to reset a power chair successfully.


What are the steps to unlock a Jazzy Power Chair?

To unlock a Jazzy power chair, begin with the chair in the off position. Press the power button, then promptly hit the horn button twice within ten seconds.

This process will successfully unlock your chair.

Why is my electric wheelchair not working?

Your electric wheelchair might not work due to battery issues, being in freewheel mode, brake engagement, electrical failures, or joystick issues.

How do you turn on a power chair?

Turning on a power chair involves pressing the power button on the joys

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