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Installing a raised toilet seat in your home can be necessary if you or someone you care about has decreased mobility. You can sit on the toilet with a raised seat without bending too far from your standing position. 

They also make getting up from a seated posture simpler because you don't have to go as far. Some toilet seats also come with support arms, which help you maintain your balance while getting on and off the chair. 

These seats come in two primary varieties: those that replace your current heart and those that increase the height of your existing seat. Both elevated seat designs are relatively simple and quick.

What Is the Importance of Raising A Toilet Seat? 

Any of us, whether you've recently undergone a knee or hip replacement or whether you have arthritis, might experience decreased mobility at any moment. 

Reduced mobility can have an impact on daily life without additional support. Investing in a raised toilet seat can significantly improve someone's freedom and confidence when using the bathroom if they struggle with limited mobility. 

A toilet seat increases the height of your toilet by several inches, reducing the amount of bending down required to sit correctly and making standing up much more straightforward.

Installing a Raised Toilet Seat: Easy Steps

Although different lifted toilet seats will require other installation procedures, in general, you'll need to:

  • Your new elevated toilet seat's mounting brackets (and screws) should be loosened.
  • Raise the fixed toilet seat and lid currently in use.
  • The centre of the toilet bowl rim should hold your elevated toilet seat.
  • When the new toilet seat feels stable, tighten the mounting brackets (and screws) on the higher heart.
  • Give your new heart a try! When sitting, make sure your feet are on the ground.

Your current toilet seat may need to be removed for some elevated toilet seats.

Lift the seat and lid and set the new centre on top to see if it will fit. You can also check out Wikihow for more detailed guidance. 

How To Remove Existing Seat With Arms?

Find the nut holding the screw in place by reaching underneath your toilet and removing it. Remove the screw with a screwdriver from the toilet's top while holding this nut in place.

When the screw is accessible enough, pull it out from above while removing the nut. For the other side, repeat.

How To Remove a Raised Toilet Seat?

Loosen the fasteners and lift the elevated toilet seat from the bottom by pulling up and forward. This will remove the majority of lifted toilet seats.

Some raised toilet seats, such as the padded rising toilet seat, are made to be quickly mounted and removed with hook and loop straps, making them ideal for temporary or travel situations.

3 Benefits Of Lifted Toilet Seat

For those with limited mobility, having a toilet with a raised seat is an excellent alternative because it lowers the chance of falling and boosts one's confidence and independence. 

1- Less Sitting Impact On Legs 

Joint pain and stiffness are common problems for those who have mobility concerns.

This soreness and suffering when using the toilet might be lessened by shortening the distance a person must bend their knees. 

2- Increases Independency & Confidence 

Using the bathroom is a private issue, and when a person has difficulty with balance or movement, the additional height that a raised toilet seat offers allows them to do so privately and independently without needing assistance from a third party.

3- Makes Toilet Going Easy

One of the significant advantages of a raised toilet seat is that it can simplify using the restroom for someone with mobility issues.

A person doesn't have to stoop as low to sit down or stand up as far due to the additional couple of inches in height.

The toilet seat can be equipped with other accessories, such as railings and bolstering legs for excellent stability and safety.

How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat?

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a raised toilet seat.

  • How big and how shaped your toilet is. Because toilet bowl sizes and shapes vary, measuring your current bathroom and seat is critical before selecting a raised toilet seat that works with it.
  • Having or not having a lid. Some raised toilet seats lack a top, while others may obstruct the closure of your existing canopy. Raised toilet seats with covers are widely available for hygienic and aesthetically pleasing reasons.
  • Your increased toilet seat's height. Consider your height and the distance from the toilet when choosing the size of your raised toilet seat.

What Cautions To Take When Installing A Toilet Seat?

If you have a wooden toilet seat, it won't fit this particular type of bolt because of the tiny holes at the rear (use a flat or Philips screwdriver). To use this riser style, you should purchase a different toilet seat that would fit this bolt. 

The modern toilet seats with quick-release click-back parts do not function with these. 

These toilet seats are more recent, and I've encountered them more frequently. They are incompatible with this sort of bolt as well. You'll need a conventional toilet seat setup that is somewhat dated.


In conclusion, adding a raised toilet seat to your bathroom is an easy yet significant improvement that can improve comfort and accessibility.

It's a minor adjustment that might have a considerable impact, particularly for people with mobility issues or anyone seeking greater convenience. 

With the detailed instructions we've supplied, you may confidently take on this do-it-yourself project and take advantage of its advantages.

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Do These Raising Toilet Seats Fit all bathrooms?

Yes, most of these seats are universal and are designed to fit all types of bathrooms. 

How Do You Stop Your Lifted Toilet Seat from Sliding?

Many complain they cannot stop the riser from swivelling when using the restroom.

When the bolt holes are lined up, you can repair them by applying double-sided bonding tape to the top of the toilet where the riser meets the bathroom. We cover our toilet's back and both sides with tape.

Are toilet seat risers safe?

This choice will be more comfortable for those who prefer a standard toilet seat. The bolt-on riser comes in a wide variety of safe and secure versions.

The only negative is that some are challenging to maintain because the riser must be unbolted to clean below it.