Vive Health Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Vive Health's Blood Glucose Monitoring System, delivering medical-grade accuracy for highly precise testing. This innovative device ensures painless sampling with its 5-level depth lancing device, offering comfort without compromise. With the capacity to store up to 500 measurements, it conveniently tracks your glucose levels over time. Feel confident in your purchase with Vive's 60-day guarantee, offering peace of mind and assurance. Experience seamless monitoring and reliable results with Vive Health's Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

  • Fast And Accurate Results: Get rapid and precise blood sugar readings in just 5 seconds, painlessly.
  • Lightweight And Portable: The lightweight and portable design make this blood glucose monitoring system perfect for travel, work, or outdoor activities.
  • Ready For Immediate Use: Everything you need for measuring your blood glucose is included in this set, from the meter and lancing device to test strips, lancets, a carrying case, and batteries.
  • Track Multiple Results With Date And Time: Keep track of multiple results with date and time stamps using the memory recall function, which stores up to 500 readings.
  • Pairs With Your Smart Device: Pair this device with your smartphone and utilize the Vive Precision App provided to monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar conveniently.
  • 5-Level Lancing Device For less Pain: Reduce discomfort with a 5-level lancing device that allows you to adjust the puncture depth to match your skin thickness by simply twisting the cap.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Dimensions: Machine size - 90mm (L)x 54mm x (W)x 13mm(H)
  • Weight: 0.16 lb