Darco Med-Surg Shoe Black Square-Toe , Men's

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Darco Med-Surg Shoe in Black with a Square-Toe design for men is a versatile and protective postoperative footwear option. Featuring a square toe for additional wiggle room and a secure closure, this shoe offers comfort and support during the recovery process. Ideal for men recuperating from foot surgery or injuries, the Darco Med-Surg Shoe combines functionality with a sleek black design for effective and stylish postoperative care.

  • The DARCO MedSurg Shoe is recognized as the most adaptable choice for post-operative footwear currently on the market.
  • Its insole is fully customizable, featuring double padding and removable design to effortlessly accommodate the PegAssist off-loading insole.
  • The square toe design serves as a protective bumper, offering additional safeguarding when K-wires are in place.
  • MetaShank Protection ensures a more rigid control beneath the metatarsal heads, enhancing stability and support.
  • The Stapless Closure system removes buckle pressure from the forefoot and is flexible enough to expand, accommodating dressings with a circumference of up to 17 inches.
  • Incorporating a Rocker sole, this shoe effectively reduces plantar pressure on both the forefoot and heel by more than 25%, promoting a smoother gait and enhancing comfort during recovery.


  • Brand: Darco
  • Sizes: Small(Men: 6-8 inches), X-Large(Men: 12.5 - 14 inches)
  • Weight: 0.85 lb
  • Color: Black